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Commitment to Safety

Platinum Companies recognizes that our people drive the business. Each team member is safeguarded through training and procedures that foster the protection of health and safety. Employees are encouraged to inspect for and report any unsafe work practices or safety hazards to prevent accidents, and report all incidents, no matter how minor. Our policies are in strict compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local policies.

Everyone at Platinum Companies must be involved and committed to safety. Together, we can prevent accidents and injuries, and keep each other safe and healthy.

Platinum Companies subscribes to these principles:

  • All accidents are preventable.

  • Safety and health controls are a major part of our work every day.

  • Accident prevention is good business because it minimizes human suffering, promotes better working conditions, increases productivity, and holds Platinum Companies in higher regard with customers.

  • Management is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for employees.

  • Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and company rules, and preventing accidents and injuries.

  • Management and supervisors set an exemplary example of positive attitudes and strong commitment to health and safety.

  • Our safety program applies to all employees and persons associated in any way with the scope of this business.

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