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Home Renovation

Trust is the foundation which the buyer and Platinum Companies build upon. Trust is the most important component. Platinum Companies want the buyer to be able to focus on the dream to be fulfilled and to truly enjoy the renovation process. Nothing is more important than the buyer being comfortable and at ease.


Platinum Companies is an industry leader in schedule adherence. Promises made are promises kept. Platinum Companies knows the importance of respecting the timing and plans of the buyer – and follows through – as planned.


Platinum Companies believes that the home you live in and the process to have it renovated should be a pleasure. Because life is precious, we take great care to create the living environment our buyer desires and to make the process a joy, a celebration of the creation of something special.


Your dream home will be designed and renovated by a team of top professionals based on your individual needs. In fact, Platinum Companies is one of the few luxury builders in the U.S. who carefully selects a custom design-build team to match the needs and desires of each individual buyer.

Check out a few of our home renovation transformations here: 

Steps to Renovating Your Home

Preliminary Design

Platinum Companies will devise a preliminary design that incorporates floor plans, site design and other key decision areas. Our team will provide you with a menu of ideas to help you individualize your renovation and make certain your living environment is just what you imagined and that the dream is fulfilled.

Platinum Companies ensures the homeowner’s peace of mind by establishing a buyer-approved firm budget. Once the homeowner has made all of the necessary decisions, a contract will be written reflecting exactly what the homeowner has specified.

Design Development

Our team works with select Architecture and Interior Design firms. An Architect and (if desired) an Interior Designer will be selected to work closely with you (the homeowner) on your renovation design.

Once all preliminary work is approved, final drawings of your home are created.

Platinum Companies work for you in the phase includes:

Project plans, elevations and specification (if necessary)

Structural engineering associated with the foundation, framing, etc., all within the permit requirements of the local government agencies (if necessary)

Community-required drawings, landscape design and material specifications (if necessary)

Constant review and management to assure that your design and budget goals are attained.


Owner selections includes decisions about flooring, appliances, lighting, colors and other details that make the home renovation exactly what you envision. Our team will take you through the process so that it’s easy and enjoyable. As always, keen attention is paid to the budget goals.


The Renovation team at Platinum Companies will renovate your home just as you wished it to be. It will be completed on time. It will be completed on budget. Your involvement will be as much or as little as suits you. Constant communication will keep you apprised of all matters and ensure that all you wished for is realized.

This construction process also includes:

Procore Introduction - Our Procore software allows for easy communication between Platinum, our trades, and our homeowners.

Continuous Cost and Schedule Projections

Construction Site Walks with the Team

Progress Photos

Upon completion of your Home Renovation, a final quality verification will take place.

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