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Platinum's commitment to sustainability is an essential part of our company mission. Our mission in sustainability is to drive lean construction continuous improvement that reflects a more positive future outlook for ourselves and generations to come. Business executives and homeowners are increasingly expressing more interest in obtaining certifications in LEED, Green Globes, and Scottsdale Green Building.


In order to optimize sustainability success, planning and implementation begins in the pre-design phase. As the design and construction progress, the opportunities for sustainability decrease substantially. The key to sustainability is to design and construct a building to ensure its most optimal use of natural resources and to minimize the building's maintenance and operational impact. Platinum acts as your advocate to drive this progress on your projects.

  • We are committed to continuous education in which we ensure that our team is properly trained and educated.

  • We are committed to educating our customers.

  • We are committed to the reduction and recycling of construction waste .

  • We are committed to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

  • We are committed to seeking LEED/Green Building Certification for all possible projects

  • We are committed to continuous research and share of Green Building Information.

  • We are committed to advanced sustainability working with LEED, Green Globes, and Scottsdale Green Building to ensure the most sustainable structures and practices are implemented effectively.

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