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Choosing Your Front Entry

When you return to your dream home, there is nothing like a great front entry design to say, “Welcome home.” A front door design should match the beauty of your new custom home and your personality.

There are many aspects to choosing the perfect front door for your home. What material should your door be made from? What size should your door be? Should there be a fun design on the door? Do you want a large window, or a peep window, or no window?

There are also many different options you can add to enhance your entryway. You can use a fireplace, a fun water feature, or a cool entry gate.

With so many different options, picking a front entry can be challenging.

At Platinum Companies we work with you to design a grand entrance to your custom home that will immediately announce the splendor and uniqueness of your personality.

Here are some photos of our most fun and unique front entrances:

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