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Remodeling Design for Baby Boomers

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, we find ourselves at a rather unique crossroads in the remodeling marketplace. Today’s design trends are prominently contemporary, yet the vast majority of homes in our market portray styles such as Southwest, Tuscan, or Mediterranean, many with some flare of Country or Arts & Crafts. Adding to the landscape is the ever changing needs of the baby boomer generation. Simply stated people are living longer, healthier, more active lives. There is a real need for their home to stay as current as the lifestyle they are living today. Herein lies the challenge. How do we transform a home with a very distinct style to something more current? The answer lies in the principles of universal design.

Universal design principles are generally thought of as modifications which make the home more accessible. The most obvious items are the widening of doors and the elimination of as many steps as possible throughout the home. However, there are other elements which follow universal design principles that serve very well in making a home more modern-day. Such as

  • The elimination of tubs in favor of showers in secondary baths.

  • Enlarging master showers, eliminating the shower curb, & design for no glass or more glass.

  • Remove walls to create larger more fluid spaces.

  • Remodeling kitchens & baths to incorporate more linear cabinet designs and understated hardware.

  • Updating outlets, switches and lighting layouts.

  • Incorporating the latest in home automation technology.

These modifications as well as many others will keep your home current with today’s trends and serve you well for many years to come. If you would like to explore all the possibilities, the remodeling team at Platinum Companies is here to help you attain your dreams and needs. Please contact Donn Milton at 602-391-0825 to schedule an appointment.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Transforming a kitchen from Tuscan to Modern

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